I’m so sensitive… I love hard but hurt harder So I’m just cryn hoping everything becomes better


I mean TODAY has to be the worst day ever….

and theses are the reasons why..

  1. woke up feeling like something wasn’t right
  2. realize somethings about myself that i wasn’t happy about
  3. felt like i been selling myself short for 21 years
  4. didn’t see …
  5. didn’t talk to …
  6. realize i care to much
  7. realize that what i do will never be enough
  8. realize that no1 will appreciate me…..

that’s my day ….. wasn’t it rough??????

i sooooooooo want love like this




my fav poem

where can i find this poems vid?

Omg THIS »

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I told HIM!!!!!!! I’M HAPPY!!! I love you Dococco :)

The house I dream about

The house I dream about

1//8 Just a thought

I need to learn to give a little instead of my all cuz when its all said and done ALL of me get hurt….


I slick told him… but his slow ass ain’t catch it .. lol But I love my sister she has my back even with the simple things like getting ny nails done

Dococco :-)

Dococco :-)